Types of Pharmaceutical Companies in India

Types of Pharmaceutical Companies in India– India is among the top countries in the world where the pharmaceutical sector has taken over. There are several types of pharmaceutical companies dealing in various medical and healthcare supplies. Some deal in the generic range of medicines, while others focus on surgical goods, medical instruments, etc. The pharma companies offer a range of medicines that includes ayurvedic product segments, gynecology products, derma care ranges, and much more. The companies also look into the matter of medicine production and manufacturing, supply, and distribution.

The Pharmaceutical industry of India fulfills 40% of the USA’s medical requirements while 25% of the UK’s. India is now a global leader in the pharmaceutical sector. We attain a third position in pharmaceutical manufacturing volumes and a fourteenth position globally for the valuable goods we provide. The Types of Pharmaceutical Companies in India we have complies of  10500 pharmaceutical manufacturing units and 3000 drug companies. The pharma companies and healthcare sector of our country have a worldwide value.

Type of Pharmaceutical Companies in India

As we have multiple Types of Pharmaceutical Companies in India, each one leads in its production of goods. Some deal in parenteral formulations, and novel drug formulations others have a hold on Oncological formulations, topical medicines, oral drugs,  modified-release formulations, and much more. The pharmaceutical industry is very deep, the more you search, the more knowledge you attain. 

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Types of Pharmaceutical Companies in India

Your search for the various Types of Pharmaceutical Companies in India ends at this place. The experts of Alpha Drugs with their research and development team offer you extensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical companies and their dealing processes. If you have any queries after a thorough read of this blog, you may contact us.

  1. Pharma Retail
  2. Pharma Manufacturing
  3. Pharma Marketing
  4. Research and Development
  5. Generic Competition
  6. Pharma Distribution
  7. Brand Developers

Brand Developers

In any sector, there are various types of business, Healthcare sector also consists of brand developers. Many pharmaceutical companies have their brand value. Along with the known pharma firms, many have not yet got the exposure but sell the classic range of products.

Cipla is a company known for its brand value. Each person in Indis is aware of the products sold with the label of Cipla. These are the big firms with an extensive approach to finances to promote their products so the patients in need must invest in their product range. 

Each year there are thousands of products are offered to the market and out of these only a few attain popularity. Say 2 out of 10 gains the popularity. Hence a company beso e a brand develops and promotes it well. 

Pharma Manufacturing

The pharma manufacturing is one part of the Types of Pharmaceutical Companies in India. The companies dealing in the manufacturing department are backed with the exports which do complete research about the disease, understand its roots, and then involve themselves in the manufacturing of the medicine for its treatment.

The pharma manufacturing companies do not just focus on the products but deal with the medicine packaging, labeling, and its marketing in the society.

Pharma Marketing

Another listed company among the Types of Pharmaceutical Companies in India is Pharma Marketing Companies. By the term marketing, you can understand where the companies deal in the promotion of the drugs manufactured. These companies promote and sell over-the-counter pharmaceutical drugs to the pharma professionals. This includes the doctors, pharmacists,  etc. 

This is a very useful and profitable branch of a pharmaceutical company. This also includes the pharma franchise business strategies.

Generic Competition

In the list of Types of Pharmaceutical Companies in India, we have mentioned the pharma manufacturers. Now a company that deals in the manufacturing process of drugs also has great competition in the generic range of medicines. 

In India, we have many manufacturing units under which a diversified range of generic medicines are products. This leads to competition in the market, hence marketing is required.

Pharma Retail

Pharma Retail is also on the list of the Types of Pharmaceutical Companies in India.

Ratai means selling the product which can be done on a specific platform. Therefore it involves licensed medical stores, chemists or pharmacies, a company’s exclusive retail stores, etc. These offer a wide group of pharmaceutical categories such as medical devices, retail stores for surgical products, cosmetic products, dietary supplements, etc

Research and Development

Research and development is a very important practice for a company. It has an important place in the Types of Pharmaceutical Companies in India. 

The main act of the research and development team in pharma companies is to focus on the study of design and its aspects. Later this method with the manufacturing of the durgs takes place.

Pharma Distribution

Pharma Distribution is among the Types of Pharmaceutical Companies in India that involve stockists, sub-stockists, wholesalers, and distributors. This is part of the PCD pharma, it helps build a connection between the retail shops and the manufacturing unit of the pharmaceutical industries. 


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