Top Pharma Manufacturing Companies in India

Top Pharma Manufacturing Companies in India – With an estimated US$ 42 billion domestic pharmaceutical industry in 2021, India is the pharmacy of the world, accounting for a massive 60% of the world’s supply of drugs and medicines. India is the 12th largest supplier of medical goods to the entire world. India deals with more than 200 countries for the trading of medical products. Indian Pharmaceutical Industry ranks 3rd in terms of volume of pharma products supplied to the world. Indian Pharmaceutical industry is growing magnanimously with a CAGR of 11% and is expected to become a US$60 billion industry within the next two years.

India holds a competitive edge in the Pharma Manufacturing industry due to the cost-effective techniques of production. With rising investment in the Pharma Manufacturing sector, the growth prospects are continuously rising making India a favorable location for manufacturing pharmaceuticals. India has gained a global reputation for its pharmaceutical industry.

Owing to such massive stats of our nation’s pharmaceutical industry, several individuals join the race of becoming the Best Pharma Manufacturing Company. But a few are able to survive tough competitions and lead the market to become market leaders. In today’s world, it has become really difficult for firms to survive such tough competition. And thus many kneel down to this competition and leave the industry. But a few keep standing strong in this competitive world. And these few companies have made it to the list of Top Pharma Manufacturing Companies.

In this blog, we provide a list of some of the Top Pharma Manufacturing Companies in India and also cite reasons as to why they are on this list. We’ve listed all the worthy manufacturers, who have toiled hard to reach top positions. They have committed themselves to provide the best products and services to their customers and thus have led their way to this list.

Top Pharma Manufacturing Companies in India

Alpha Drugs – Best Pharma Manufacturing Company

Alpha Drugs bags the Top position amongst the Pharma Manufacturers throughout the nation. Established in the year 2003, Alpha Drugs has managed to reach the top with full dedication and hard work, committed to serving the nation with the high quality of pharma products. It deals in a rich variety of Allopathic Medicines ranging from tablets, capsules, injectables, syrups, ointment, creams, soft gels, lotion to what not. Alpha Drugs ensures the superior quality of the ingredients being used in developing the formulations.

Based in the beautiful city of Panchkula, Haryana, Alpha Drugs has a wonderful team of employees working hard to ensure the delivery of the best services. They have well-dedicated departments for each process being followed in the organization. And each individual is determined to providing their best to take the company to greater heights. They fully understand their role in the organization and with the support of the owner of the organization each individual stays fully motivated and in high spirits to achieve targets.

Alpha Drugs- Best Pharma Manufacturing Company

Manufacturing Units: Alpha Drugs is wise enough to have its manufacturing unit in the excise-free zone of Barotiwala District of Solan, Himachal Pradesh. Alpha Drugs always strives to achieve the best certifications for itself and never fails to meet the requirements of statutory authorities. Alpha Drugs holds ISO certifications and adheres to guidelines laid down in WHO GMP practices.

Efficient Product Packaging – They have such planned packing process that enhances the shelf life and protects the content of the product. This packing kerps the product damage free throughout the transit.

Wide Distribution Network – Alpha Drugs is supported by distributors throughout India. Their suppliers ensure that they follow the regulatory mechanism in the movement of goods from one state to another.

Engaged in Export – It also exports its manufactured products to several countries throughout the world. Its medicinal products have attained statutory approvals from several forign governments for supply in their nation.

Divisions – Alpha Drugs also operates three divisions namely, Beta, Medivo, and Medfence. This leading Pharma Manufacturing Company operate throughout the nation. It has clients from all over the nation and abroad. Alpha Drugs is engaged in manufacturing, distribution, supplying, and exports since its inception.

Alpha Drugs is known for offering the best deals to its associates. It has achieved technical superiority, best quality at the most competitive prices. It has been committed to providing the best services throughout the nation and abroad for several years

Associated Biotech Private Limited

Associated Biotech is among the fastest-growing pharma manufacturers in India. A unique culture flows throughout the organization resulting in the timely achievement of goals and targets. Associated Biotech is certified to manufacture products under the categories of:

  • Cephalosporins
  • Non-Beta Lactum
  • Beta Lactum
  • Nutraceuticals

Associated Biotech Private Limited

It specializes in CLAV preparation and is making its way into ayurvedic and cosmetic products as well. It has an impressive list of clients both domestically and globally. This makes it all the more trustworthy. Associated Biotech claims to have more than 600 satisfied client companies worldwide. That’s actually a huge number.

Its manufacturing processes have got successful approval from several countries like:

  • Nigeria
  • Congo
  • Kenya
  • Ivory Coast, etc

Approvals from several other countries are in the pipeline and soon Associated Biotech will be able to export its products to further many countries. Talking about its domestic operations, Associated Biotech’s products are heavily demanded throughout the nation.

Associated Biotech fully understands its duty towards the society it works in. It supplies free medicine to charitable organizations that help needy people. It provides its bit to make this world a better place by providing the best quality pharma products throughout the nation at the most affordable prices. It treats its employees really well making itself a family of more than 700 employees.

Medibyte (Leading Pharma Tablets & Capsule Manufacturer in India)

Another esteemed member of the pharmaceutical industry is Medibyte, headed by Dr. Ram Kumar Sareen, who is a highly experienced industrialist and has brought this company so far within a short time span. Medibyte deals in a diverse range of pharmaceutical products spanning various therapeutic segments. They aim at becoming the pharma leader with their constant efforts to introduce a quality range of effective formulations to treat several healthcare problems.

Medibyte (Leading Pharma Tablets & Capsule Manufacturer in India)

It offers a smooth delivery system and is known for its quick response mechanism. It is highly proficient at dealing with its customers and has strived to satisfy its clients beyond their expectations. With their consistent efforts, they have achieved ecological and economically sustainable techniques of production. This enables the cost-effective manufacturing of pharma products.

Therapeutic segments – Cardio, ortho, derma, diabetic, pediatric, gynae, ophthalmic, herbal, antibiotic, and several others.

Division – QndQ Derma, Biofinity, QndQ Cardia, Herbal, and Finoptis

Saphnix Life Sciences PVT LTD (India)

Saphnix Life Sciences dominates the pharmaceutical industry with its quality range of pharma products. Saphnix is a brand that is trusted by the top doctors and healthcare specialists throughout India. Saphnix Life Sciences aims at marking a prominent remark in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry with its quality formulations. It is equipped with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. It has managed to receive WHO-GMP and GLP certifications every time with its best manufacturing practices.

Saphnix Life Sciences PVT LTD (India)

Under the aegis of Sachin Garg, MD & CEO, Saphnix Life Sciences produces a massive Rs. 100 cr annual turnover. NSIC CRISIL has rated Saphnix Life Sciences with a SEA1 rating. It offers an exclusive product portfolio full of innovative and highly effective formulations. It has an impressive track record of delivering the desired quality of products to its associates.

Here are the things which makes saphnix one of the best pharma manufacturing companies in India:

  • Provides overall support for business growth to its associates
  • Delivers products within a 24 hours period
  • promotes eco-friendly practices through efficiency at work
  • cost-effective manufacturing practices
  • constant monitoring of quality control experts

Its manufacturing facilities are well segregated into strategic departments to better the functioning of each process. It has specific units for production, quality testing, packaging, research & development, warehousing & storage, etc. These processes are well-coordinated by a highly efficient team of around 500 employees working hard in the same direction. This has heavily boosted its production rate.

Canbro Healthcare

Canbro Healthcare deals in an exclusive range of dermatology products. It has an added advantage in the modern world as every individual of today’s generation is super conscious about their skin and overall health as well. Skin is such a part of the body that is majorly visible and if anything goes wrong with that it is clearly visible on the skin. Thus people rush to their dermatologist to get themselves treated. Thus Canbro Healthcare has bagged this opportunity and established itself as the best derma products manufacturer in the pharma industry.

Canbro Healthcare

With deep Research and Experimentation, this company has come out with a range of highly effective skincare formulations, which have helped several patients throughout the nation to cure their skin issues and get healthy glowing skin. They have products for different skin types and to cure a variety of skin diseases.

It offers to its clients’ several products under categories such as Face Wash, Cream, Face Serum, Lotion, Soap, Sunscreen, Ointments, Gel, Scalp Application. All of these are completely safe for use by patients. These have been tested and verified to be safe for use. It is already marketing around 150+ derma products and is about to launch 50+ products in the coming year.

Amzor Healthcare Pvt Ltd

Amzor Healthcare is a well-renowned pharma brand based in Chandigarh committed to curing the nation with its supreme quality products. Amzor Healthcare offers rich quality products spanning several pharma segments such as gynaecology, dental, orthopedics, diabetic, urology, nutrition, psychiatry, neurology, dermatology, and several others. Its product range is approved by top healthcare experts in India. All of its products go through layered quality testing before being finally packed for transportation.

These things make Amzor Healthcare the leading Pharma Manufacturing company:

  • finest range of 300+ quality formulations
  • constantly brings innovative formulations through intensive
  • reliable transportation network backed by efficient logistics team
  • equipped with WHO GMP certified manufacturing units

Amzor Healthcare Pvt Ltd

Amzor Healthcare has a tight grip over the market trends and it makes its way to the top by adopting those trends and accordingly serving the nation with those products. Amzor Healthcare is known in the industry for promoting customer satisfaction through quality, transparency, and affordability. It is backed by a highly-skilled workforce having several years of industry experience. It follows all the Pharmacopoeia Standards to ensure the quality of its formulations.

Amzor Healthcare follows certain principles that make their business the most ethical and reliable in the pharma industry. These pillars are Finest Quality, Customer Satisfaction, And Respect Everyone. Amzor Healthcare has established a strong marketing base for itself and its clients. Its products are published in leading newspapers engaged in spreading pharma-related news such as India Mart, Drug Today, Trade India, etc. They assist their clients in increasing the visibility of their brand.

Biophar Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. ( Pharma Medicine Manufacturer in India)

Biopharma Lifesciences is another experienced player in the pharma manufacturing segment. It has been catering to the needs of its clients for more than a decade. It has been dealing in more than 1000 drug segments and meeting the requirements of its clients since its inception. Biophar offers an extensive product portfolio of DCGI-FDI approved drugs and medicines. It has a self-owned manufacturing plant in an excise-free zone.

Biophar Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. ( Pharma Medicine Manufacturer in India)

It has constantly engaged in improving its technologies in order to reduce deviations in the quality being manufactured. Its units are sanitized frequently to ensure the quality of products and the health of its workers. It deals in a wide range of allopathic, herbal-ayurvedic, dosage forms, and therapeutic compositions.

Biopharma follows cost-effective manufacturing techniques to enhance profit margins and happily passes on the benefits to its clients. It has served several reputed pharma dealers in the country. Biophar Lifesciences holds vast industry experience in the field of pharma manufacturing and is constantly engaged with top pharma companies across the globe.

“GMT Pharma International” Manufacturing Company

GMT International is a well-known brand in the veterinary segment of the pharma industry. It is a magnificent manufacturer of both humans as well as animals range of injections throughout India. It has attained a niche in manufacturing a wide range of injection formulations of high quality effective in curing diverse human as well as veterinary health problems.

“GMT Pharma International” Manufacturing Company

Headquartered in Panchkula, it has its manufacturing units in the Kala Amb district of Himachal Pradesh. Its manufacturing unit is situated in close proximity to the capital city of Chandigarh, which is well connected to national highways. This makes it easy to transport goods to any part of the nation within a limited time.

GMT International deals in all types of Human & Veterinary Injections (Dry and Liquid) including:

  • Betalacfum
  • Non-Betalactum
  • Carbapenems
  • Cephalosporins
  • Liquid Injectables
  • Eye/Ear/ Nasal Drops
  • Sprays
  • Pencililin Injections, etc.

It possesses an in-house Quality Appraisal Laboratory, which facilitates them in checking the quality of products being manufactured within a short span of time.

Asterisk Healthcare

Asterisk Healthcare has engaged in the manufacturing of a premium range of Pharmaceutical products throughout the nation. It specializes in manufacturing tablets, capsules, and dry syrups and delivers them throughout India. It has leverage over other pharma players in terms of highly skilled employees throughout the organization working on hi-tech machinery, committed to delivering high-quality drug formulations.

Asterisk Healthcare

Asterisk serves the most affordable yet profitable business deals to its clients PAN India. It is committed to the large-scale manufacturing of DCGI approved drugs and medicines. Each department at Asterisk Healthcare is supervised by highly proficient managers who have led the company to such great heights.

Asterisk Healthcare always strives to achieve the best certifications for itself through its ethical manufacturing and dealing practices. It has been certified and approved by the government (Certificate of a Pharmaceutical Product (COPP) and international organizations like GMP, ISO, DCGI, WHO, Free Sales Certificate (FSC), etc. This makes it a lot more attractive destination for dealing in pharma products.

Cardiatic Care

Cardiatic Care is a leading Pharmaceutical Company that long back understood the rising cases of diabetic and cardiac diseases worldwide and soon its impact on our own country. Since then Cardiatic Care has been determined to protect our nation from these diseases and help its citizen combat its deadly symptoms. It has committed itself to produce a highly effective range of Cardiac and Diabetic medicines that are supplied throughout the nation. They have ensured that their medicines reach each corner of the nation through an efficient distribution and logistics network.

Cardiatic Care

It has received all the necessary certifications for the manufacturing of a cardiac and anti-diabetic range of medicines. This ensures the supreme quality of safe medicines to treat respiratory problems and diabetic issues. It has built its goodwill and reputation in the cardiac and diabetic pharma segment.

Under the aegis of Mr. Gopal Krishna, Chairman, Cardiatic Care has strived to achieve the best quality standards in the industry and promote its formulations nationwide and the top healthcare experts have found their formulations to be highly effective in the treatment of heart-related problems and curing their patients of diabetes.


While making your decision regarding choosing a pharma manufacturer for your pharma products, you should always go through this list. This list provides in-depth analysis of the features of some of the Top Pharma Manufacturing Companies. This blog provides enough data as to why these Companies are considered amongst the Top Pharma Manufacturers in the Indian pharmaceutical industry. You can go ahead with these companies and choose your pharma manufacturer. All these pharma manufacturing companies have abundant experience in the industry catering to the needs of clients all across the nation and abroad. These are well-known in the pharma manufacturing industry for providing the most ethical services and best quality products.