COMPOSITION: Cholecalciferol 60,000 IU Softgel Capsules.

PACK SIZE: 10X1X4 Softgel Capsules.

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Cholecalciferol salt helps in the treatment of osteoporosis and Vitamin D deficiency. Enriched with Cholecalciferol 60,000 IU, this soft gel salt helps the body to absorb calcium and maintain healthy bones. It is recommended by doctors to those patients who are lacking Vitamin D or suffering from osteoporosis.

Calcium is vital for maintaining good bone health and if the person is not getting enough calcium from a regular diet. It is suggested to use this salt in such cases when you are not getting enough calcium from your regular diet. The robust nature of this salt can cause some side effects if not careful. The user might experience symptoms such as weakness, a metallic taste in the mouth, muscle pain, etc. Therefore, it is advised to use this product under the supervision of a doctor.

It is recommended by doctors to consume Cholecalciferol 60,000 IU salt after a meal for better absorption. Use this product daily and preferably at the same time every day to reap the best result. If in case you are using Cholecalciferol for treating osteoporosis, then use this salt with other medicines to reap the best result. Make sure that your diet is at one point and that you are getting sufficient calcium from your regular diet.

Also, it is recommended to avoid consuming alcohol during the course of using this medicine as alcohol consumption may decrease the effectiveness and make the situation even worse. In case you develop excessive weakness or any allergic reaction, then immediately consult your doctor for the best advice.

Uses of Cholecalciferol Salt

The salt made to treat the deficiency of Vitamin D offers the best results. This will initiate a suitable outcome only after the approach of following the precautions.

  • This salt formulated in capsules is known to promote suitable results against the maintenance of the levels of vitamin D.
  • This provides support against the suffering of osteoporosis.
  • Salt also offers a significant treatment in proving the levels of Calcium.
  • Regular use of it provides tea stability in offering strength to the bones.
  • It reduces the symptom of weakness and muscle pain.

Precautions with Cholecalciferol Salt

Here are some advisable precautions that are mandatory to follow. Mainying these will promote the best health and reduce the occurrence of side effects.

  • Take the dose as per the suggestion of a health expert.
  • Try to avoid the use of any other medicine within the combination.
  • It is necessary to intake a healthy diet.
  • The use of alcohol is prohibited.
  • This is not recommended for pregnant women.

Side Effects of Cholecalciferol Salt

The reported side effects with the use of this salt are,

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Drowsiness
  • Headache

Storage- Keep the Cholecalciferol salt capsules in a cool and dry place with no contact with sunlight.

Note- The Cholecalciferol salt capsules use is only for external use.

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