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Etoricoxib Tablet is the most effective drug solution compared to traditional NSAIDs. It relieves pain and inflammation in conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, chronic low back pain, acute pain, and gout. Additionally, the tablet is indicated in mild pain after dental surgery in adults. Etoricoxib belongs to a class of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) called COX-2 inhibitors. The medication works by inhibiting the release of certain chemical messenger responsible for redness and swelling.

This reduced activity provides relief from various diseases mentioned above. Apart from this, the medication doesn’t cause severe stomach problems like other NSAIDs. Therefore, the Etoricoxib Tablets IP 90 mg is most prescribed. Furthermore, the doctors say that while taking the Etoricoxib Tablet some side effects can be experienced like Diarrhea, Indigestion, Stomach pain,  Peripheral edema, Flatulence, etc., that are mild as well as temporary.

Etoricoxib Tablet is indicated after judging that the benefits are higher than the side effects. Well, the Etoricoxib Tablet 90mg is effective so should be used with extreme precautions like alcohol consumption should be avoided, liver function monitoring during long-term treatment. Etoricoxib Tablets IP 90 mg belongs to the “C” pregnancy category so shouldn’t be used in case of pregnancy or breastfeeding.

One should use this medicine as prescribed to attain the best possible effects from this medicine. In addition, one should consider following the official guidelines written on the label. The dose and duration of the treatment are determined by your healthcare provider. Therefore, you should not adjust the dosage on your own. To know more deets about Etoricoxib Tablets IP 90 mg, please consult your doctor.

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