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Ofloxacin 200mg is the salt used in manufacturing tablets by Alpha Drugs. It is a form of antibacterial drug that falls under the category of fluoroquinolones and helps the person with the provision of beneficial aid that is primarily responsible for the treatment of typhoid fever, a sexually transmitted disease called gonorrhea, pneumonia, diarrhea and a few types of skin infection diseases occurred on the skin, joint, bone, eye and ear also is beneficial for the treatment of prostate that is a kind of male reproductive gland along with abdomen too. This bacterial infection if occurred becomes caused by the presence of many infections which thereby leads to the unhealthy activity of the organs. Hence one requires the proper use of the pharmaceutical drug in order to cure the issues. 

Ofloxacin salt is a kind of antibiotic that is beneficial in the treatment of both grams- positive and gram-negative bacteria. This may also benefit in treating the anaerobes too, thereby it works by creating a protective layer on the cells and the skin’s membrane too that prominently give the effects in treating the infections. This is known are blocking the action of bacterial reproduction and moreover, kills the maximum number with the intake of the aid in a proper manner. 

The salt may help you get rid of the bacteria but it is very essential that you follow all the instructions and mentioned precautions with the consumption of Ofloxacin salts and it may generate some side effects too. It is important you must increase your water intake along with healthy diet consumption too. If you are a frequent consumer of caffeine, then it is essential one must try to reduce your intake. Primarily it may work better if taken on time and in a restricted amount too. One can feel the symptoms of nausea, and vomiting and sometimes the liver can affect too. 

Compositional Outcomes of Ofloxacin Salt

The compositional benefits of salt are enormous and moreover, it may also treat the person by curing the health condition in the extremely possible way. To get rid of the infection, one needs to focus on the guidelines mentioned by the doctor too. 

  • Helps in curing health by creating a balance.
  • Is beneficial against the grams- positive bacteria.
  • Treat gram-negative bacteria too. 
  • Maintain the condition of the body.
  • Provides effective aid to the cells.
  • Stops the reproduction of bacteria.
  • Forms a protective layer on the cells and skin.
  • Is beneficial for the treatment of bacterial attacks in the deep tissues too.
  • Can help against gonorrhea.
  • Cure the bacterial infection of the eyes and ears.

Precautions for Ofloxacin Salt

There are a few guidelines that one needs to understand and follow while being on the medication. These are essential to know because this may help the patient get rid of the infection in an effective manner. 

  • Take the medicine on time.
  • It is mandatory to consult the doctor for the proper instructions.
  • Understand the basic function of salt.
  • Do not overdose on the tablets.
  • Consume with a glass of water only.
  • If there is an occurrence of allergies, inform the doctor.
  • Do not take it while you are expecting a child.
  • Do not give Ofloxacin salt to the children. 

Side Effects of Ofloxacin Salt

There are some side effects that can occur with the regular consumption of salt, these may not require medical assistance. 

  • Nauseous feelings may occur.
  • Digestive issues may occur.
  • Stomach aches can be faced.
  • Vomiting may occur.
  • Loss of appetite. 
  • Fatty liver symptoms might be noticed. 
  • Women may face genital itching.
  • Irritation in the body 


One is required to store the Ofloxacin Salta tablets in a cool palace. 

Note- Ofloxacin salt tablets are only for external usage.

Disclaimer- It is mandatory to consume the dose with the proper instruction of the doctor only. We do not recommend the use on a personal basis.

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