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Constipation is one of the major problems from which the human body can suffer. Constipation is a problem when you feel difficulties in emptying your stomach. This problem generally occurs due to the hardness of the faeces because there is less drawing of the water into your bowels which helps in making the stool harder so that it can pass easily. And to deal with such conditions you need effective laxative medicines. This Lactulose Syrup comes under this category of medicine

This syrup can be taken by children easily because they can not take tablets and injectable forms of drugs. This syrup helps in making the stool softer by drawing a sufficient amount of water into your bowel which helps in making the stools softer and that is how this syrup help stools to get passed easily from your stomach. And the route of administrating this drug is easy and it can easily get administrated in the body through the mouth.

Mechanisms of Lactulose Syrup

This syrup is in the liquid form of medicine and this type of medicine can be digested easily with the help of a biocatalyst and then this syrup start showing its therapeutic effect in the body. This Lactulose is made from fructose and galactose and fructose and this is also known as 1,4 beta galactoside-fructose. This chemical composition helps in softening the stools. This Lactulose syrup helps in treating this constipation problem by reducing ammonia and also by decreasing intestinal production. This lactulose syrup reduces ammonia in three ways.

The three ways Lactulose Syrup reduces Ammonia

  1. This syrup creates a laxative effect which is very useful in treating problems like constipation. The laxative effect generally occurs when colonic sugar is metabolized by the Lactulose syrup.

  2. This Lactulose syrup also helps in uptaking the ammonia to the colon bacteria and this bacteria uses this ammonia for protein synthesis.

  3. In the last step, this syrup helps in reducing intestinal ph levels with the help of gut bacteria which convert NH3 into NH4+ and the ions form of ammonia can not cross the membrane.

This is how this syrup helps in preventing problems like constipation because ammonia helps in the hardening of the faeces. And this process helps in drawing the water to the stools and makes this stool softer so that it can pass easily.

Benefits of Lactulose Syrup

The route of administrating this drug is easy because this drug comes in the form of syrup. This can be very effective. These are some of its benefits which are mentioned below.

  1. This syrup provides relief from the symptoms of Constipation.

  2. This helps in reducing ammonia production.

  3. This syrups helps in passing the stools easily from the intestine.

  4. This syrup helps in treating hepatic encephalopathy (liver problem).

Side Effects of Lactulose Syrup

This syrup is generally found in milk and known as lactose and many people are lactose intolerant. If you are one of them let your doctor. These are some of the side effects of this Lactulose syrup.

Mild to moderate side effects

  • Nausea

  • Vomiting

These are normal side effects of this syrup. If you are suffering from this it will go away within 2 to 3 days.

Serious side effects

  • Diarrhea

  • Electrolyte imbalance

These are some of the serious side effects of this syrup and if have a problem like this inform your doctor at once.

Precaution while using Lactulose Syrup

While taking any medication precaution is one of the most important things because precaution helps in utilizing the medication in the best way.

  1. If you are using the same category of another drug inform your doctor first before taking this syrup.

  2. Store this syrup in a cool, dark, and dry place.

  3. Tell your doctor if you have any medical condition or medical history.

  4. If you are a pregnant or breastfeeding mother tell your doctor first before starting this medication.

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