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Brand Name: AMIKAX-250.

Composition: Amikacin Sulphate Injection 250mg.

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Amikacin Sulphate Injection 250mg – Available at Alpha Drugs by the brand name AMIKAX-250 is helpful in the treatment of bacterial infections. It is an antibiotic medicine that is recommended by healthcare experts to those patients who have complaints of different types of bacterial infections including infections of bones and joints, pneumonia (lungs), urinary tract, blood, brain, etc. Further, Amikacin Sulphate Injection 250mg can also be given to patients who are hospitalized to prevent infections among them.

How Amikacin Sulphate Injection 250mg Works

The working mechanism of Amikacin Sulphate Injection 250mg is simple yet effective. Amikacin Sulphate belongs to the class of antibiotics. It works by blocking the growth of bacteria by not allowing the synthesis of the essential proteins needed by them. It prevents the synthesis of the necessary proteins that bacteria needed to carry out crucial functions.

Key Tips for Optimum AMIKAX-250 Usage

Amikacin Sulphate Injection 250mg helps to treat and cure bacterial infections. It is recommended as the first line to treatment to treat and cure infections caused due to bacteria. But still, it needs to be used in a precise manner to get the best results. So, keep in mind the following instructions while using this injection:

  1. Use Amikacin Sulphate Injection 250mg to treat and cure bacterial infections only. Do not use it to treat and cure any other health disease.
  2. Makes sure to take it every day without any miss to get the best results as stopping the treatment early will allow the infection to come back and become harder to treat.
  3. Keep on taking blood, hearing, and urine tests while using this medicine.
  4. Keep your doctor informed if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or planning to conceive.

Advice for Safe Use

Amikacin Sulphate Injection 250mg is one of the powerful medicine to treat and cure bacterial infections that can cause hassle for the patient if not used properly. Thus, it is recommended to use it under the supervision of a doctor keeping in mind the following instructions:

  1. Never self-administer this injection and use it under the supervision of a healthcare expert.
  2. In case, you develop an itchy rash, face or mouth swelling, or you encounter uneven breathing, then immediately consult your healthcare expert.
  3. Avoid consuming alcohol during the course of using Amikacin Sulphate Injection 250mg as alcohol consumption can negatively impact the medicine absorption.

Side Effects

Amikacin Sulphate Injection 250mg is a pretty mild medicine that is well-tolerated by almost every patient. But few side effects are noted with the over usage and self-administration of this medicine. The side effects associated with the usage of this injection include the following:

  1. Application site irritation
  2. Buring
  3. Itchiness
  4. Redness

These are the few side effects that you might encounter with the over usage and misusage of Amikacin Sulphate Injection 250mg. These are mild side effects that do not need any immediate medical attention as they will fade away as the body gets used to the medicine. But in case they don’t fade, then you can contact your doctor to get medical help.

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