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AMOXYCILLIN 250MG – Delivered by the brand name ALMOXID-250 CAP, AMOXYCILLIN 250MG is helpful in the treatment of bacterial infections. It is recommended by the doctors to those patients who are suffering from bacterial infections. AMOXYCILLIN 250MG belongs to the class of antibiotics that works by directly killing the infection causing bacteria. It does so by creating a cell wall (bacterial protective covering) that is required by the bacterial for survival.

Due to its fast acting formula and instant results, AMOXYCILLIN 250MG has become one of the most powerful anti-bacterial medicine available in the market. But the powerful nature of this Capsule can cause some side effects if not used with proper care. The user might encounter issues such as Vomiting, Diarrhea, Rash, Nausea, Vomiting, etc. Therefore, it is recommended to be cautious and use this capsule as per the instructions of the healthcare expert.

Use this medicine only if you have the symptoms of bacterial infections. Do not use it for any other medical purpose. Finish the complete course of using AMOXYCILLIN 250MG without missing any dosage, to reap out the best results as early stoppage of the drug can make the infection to come back. Keep the dosage as recommended by the healthcare experts. Keep your doctor informed about your liver, blood pressure, and kidney health and take probiotics while consuming AMOXYCILLIN 250MG as the usage of this drug can cause Diarrhea.

Immediately consult your doctor if you encounter symptoms of itchy rashes, throat, face or tongue swelling, uneven breathing, etc. while using AMOXYCILLIN 250MG. Also, talk to your healthcare expert if you notice blood in stool and abnormal cramps. Avoid consuming alcohol during the course of using AMOXYCILLIN 250MG as alcohol consumption can worsen the symptoms. Store this medicine in a cool and a dry place away from direct sunlight for a better shelf-life.

It is manufactured and delivered by Alpha Drugs by the brand name ALMOXID-250 CAP. The company manufactures medicines using the best quality raw material that is clinically tested and well-researched. Our team makes sure to test the products before sending them to the market. Thus, you will always get a quality assured, pure, safe, and tested pharma medicines from the company’s side.

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