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The Alpha drug is one of the leading Dry Syrup Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. Currently, the demand for syrup is widely increasing due to the change in the environment, people are being infected with the harmful pollution contents, and these some way or another has affected our health. Within the intake of polluted air comprised of harmful bacteria and poisonousness gaseous, our throat is becoming sensitive which has resulted in extreme dryness and the greatest level of infections too. To avoid all these, one is required to consume some of the pharmaceutical aids which will help in the release of toxins and keep the vocal health in better conditions. 

Alpha Drug has introduced its cost-effective range of Dry Syrups both for pediatrics and adults. We are among the most popular Dry Syrup Manufacturers and Suppliers in India who believe in the satisfaction of our prestigious clients and customers. It is our utmost priority to reach the criteria and match the demands of society, thereby our experts use the most prominent and superior raw materials and in the final stage give the best results. The company holds the certifications, hence all our products are completely safe for the user, with the least side effects moreover comes in leakage-proof packaging, which keeps them safe from the contact of environmental bacterias. 

If you are willing to invest in the field of PCD pharma franchise and collaborate with the tremendous Dry Syrup Manufacturers and Suppliers in India, give us a call at +91-8168951150or drop an email at medfencelabs@gmail.com 

Primary Dry Syrup Manufacturers and Suppliers in India- Alpha Drug

When we say we are the best, it is our client-centric approach and the faith of the business associates in us that has resulted in the birth of the most desirable and in-demand manufacturers and suppliers in the nation. For over a decade, our professionals are serving the best medicines as our plant is situated the approximately 12000 sq. area under which, the generation of the yearly stock availability medicines is manufactured with the greatest interest. 

As the location of our unit is placed in Excise Free Zone-Barotiwala, we thereby confirm the certification of all our pharmaceutical drugs that holds the permissions from ISO to fulfill the national standards,  WHO to rank globally, and the mandatory GMP certification too. All the items we provide come with an environmentally friendly package that defines our concerts towards mother nature. All our items are pristine and the complete stages of the proper manufacturing process are done.

There are some of the ultimate benefits if you join hands with us, we believe in offering a suitable advantage to all our clients, all of these are mentioned below.

  1. Low manufacturing cost.
  2. Due date deliveries offered.
  3. Maxim stock production.
  4. The variety includes pediatric and adult too.
  5. Certified products.
  6. Best and most attractive packaging.

Top-notch Dry Syrup Supplier in India

Our syrups are not just modest and suitable for every customer’s need but these are beneficial for the selling process too for the profits generation, all our professional relators are earning a good source of income and name in the market. The aids are composed very carefully with the proper measurement of quantity that is carefully checked before the final production process. To meet the efficiency of society, our leaders are transforming innovations with quality purposes and the best generative productions too. The unit takes care of the composition too, the biochemical n and laboratory experts, with their own experience, focus on the measured quantity. The syrups we deal with as standardized Dry Syrup Manufacturers and Suppliers in India are mentioned below.

    1. SEFMAX O D/S Dry syrup with the composition of Cefixime + Ofloxacin Dry Syrup.
    2. ALMOXID-CV Dry syrup with the composition of Amoxycillin + Potassium Clavulanate Oral Suspension IP 228.5mg
    3. SEFMAX  Dry Syrup with bthe composition of Cefixime For Oral Suspenjsion.
    4. SYFIDOX D/S Dry Syrup with the composition of Cefpodoxime Oral Suspension IP 50mg

The Manufacturing Process Followed for Dry Syrup Production

Our largest production unit comprises the most innovative technological equipment with the most necessary machinery. Our technical experts look after the process and smooth working of the machinery, and the maintenance of the standard of our products is done with optimization only.

The approval of FSSAI and FDA is sought so our customers should only receive the best and increased level products.

      1. Advanced raw materials are used.
      2. All the stages of the production process are followed.
      3. Proper screening of the goods is done.
      4. The level of compositions is measured.


To seek more assistance regarding our company and know about our process in detail band join hands with the top-notch Dry Syrup Manufacturers and Suppliers in India, contact us one at- 91-7988256670 or email at – medfencelabs@gmail.com. Our executives will be happy to help in all possible means.