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 PPE Kit Provider and Distributor In India- The widespread of Coronavirus has shaken the whole world with its fear. The vaccine for this pandemic virus has not been found until now. All of us need to follow safety precautions to shield one’s lives. To battle against the COVID-19 and stopping its spread PPE kits are playing a major role in it. Alpha drugs are giving relief to all the customers across the globe by delivering quality assured PPE Kits in the market at very genuine prices. During this crucial time, it is the charge of every human to help other human beings. Our company is also offering PCD Pharma Franchise for PPE Kit in all the regions. We are the top pharma distributor that provides the PPE Kit at pan India level. If you are interested or willing to become PPE Kit Provider then connect with our representatives.

Alpha Drugs is a leading manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of a broad range of qualitative PPE Kits for fighting against the Coronavirus. All the products which are offer in the PPE Kit are manufacture of great material and capable enough to shield the customers from Coronavirus. We are a notable name in the pharmaceutical industry for its good quality products. We are catering to a large number of masses by offering our PCD Pharma Franchise for PPE Kits services. We are thriving to satisfy and guarding our customers by delivering the best products to them. Collaborate with us for the welfare of humanity.

PCD Pharma Franchise In Delhi

 We are here to help you and clear all your queries. To know more about our  PPE Kit for pharma business give us a call at +91-7988256670 or you can even mail us at medfencelabs@gmail.com. We will make sure that our company representative will guide you in the right direction.

Best PPT Kit Distributor in India – Alpha Drugs

Alpha Drugs has been contributing to the pharmaceutical industry for many years. Through years of assiduous work and customer satisfying services in the market, we have gained the trust of our customers across the globe. There are more than 100+ associates who are connected with us for our excellent facilities. Choose a reliable Personal Protective Equipment kit to shield yourself with comfort and safety. Our Company is the best PPE Kit Provider in India. The best part of our PPE Kit is that it is available at very reasonable prices. In case of any doubt, you can compare the prices online.

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Elements of Personal Protection Kit

There are various components that are offered in the Alpha Drugs PPE Kit. Our PPE Kit includes goggles, face-shield, mask, hand gloves, overall covered gown, head cover, and shoe cover. We used the best raw material and quality ingredients to manufacture all this stuff for our customer’s safety. We strictly follow the quality management orders as there is no question arises of adjusting with the lives of the people. Here is the detailed description regarding each product and its benefit –

Face Shield and Goggles – These both elements are used to protect the face and eyes of the client. The frame of the goggles covers the whole eyes and the face shield covers the skin of the face. It provides full protection to your face and your eyes.

Mask – The best part about our mask is that it is a triple layer medical mask. The triple layer medical mask which is provided by us is completely disposable, fluid-resistant. It protects the client by reaching in touch with droplets that are emitted during the coughing, sneezing, or while interacting with a COVID infected person.

Head covers and Shoe Covers – The head cover covers all the head and the shoe covers are used to wear them on your shoes. It gives you proper shielding while dealing with COVID infected individuals.

Types and Benefit of Wearing PPE Kit –  Especially in Covid – 19

The sudden rise in the demand for PPE Kit in India leads to the huge manufacturing of PPE Kits. As there is different kinds of PPE Kits used for different purposes so different manufacturing has been done. Like mentioned are the types and ways of PPE Kits available in India.

  • Respiratory Protection
  • Hand Protection
  • Body Protection
  • Eye and Face Protection
  • Hearing Protection

Thus, different types of protections are available at our site Alpha Drugs at nominal prices and assured quality guaranteed. Therefore, if you are looking for the Best PPE Kit manufacturer, distributor we have the wide range available. Also, we have the grantee of assistance 24*7 with the 100% quality delivery of all the products with wide range of variety.

Soaring Demand for Good Personal Protective Equipment Kit in India

The cases of Corona virus infected patients is increasing in India day by day. As per the latest report released by the Union Ministry for Health and Family Welfare, the country has recorded 14,5380 cases, 4,167 deaths, 60,491 cured cases. The screening tests at various medical institutes and COVID centers are taking place. The demand for PPE Kit is also mounting. The doctors and nurses who look after the infected patients in the hospitals as well as the ones who are interacted with the infected patients require full safety.

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